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People with chronic illnesses often require caretakers to help them complete their daily activities. If your caretaker is a family member or close friend, there may be a few occasions where he or she cannot care for you for short periods of time. When this happens, you need to seek out senior respite care so you can still get the help you need even when your caretaker is on a break. As one of the short term care facilities in Kansas, Spring View Manor offers a wide variety of services to make your stay pleasant until your caretaker can resume his or her duties.

What is Respite Care?


Caregivers sometimes need breaks for various reasons, but when they do take short respites from their usual duties, they need to ensure their patients are properly cared for. Elderly patients who need help completing daily living tasks are not capable of living on their own for even a few days while their caretakers are away, so an alternate plan is essential. Respite care serves as an alternate solution that benefits both the patient and the caregiver. Respite care allows an individual to stay short-term while receiving the same 24/7 high-quality care that a long-term care resident would get.


Why Do People Need Respite Care?


When people need living assistance 24/7, their help often comes in the form of a caretaker. Sometimes the caretaker is hired to provide constant care, and other times the caretaker is a friend or family member of the patient. Regardless of how you choose a caretaker, sometimes he or she will be unable to provide the care you need for a few days. There are a few instances why someone would need a respite stay:

  • A temporary place to stay while a caregiver is unable to provide care, i.e., out of town, attending to personal need

  • Assist in the transition from home to long-term care

What are the Benefits of Choosing Spring Hill Manor for Respite Care?


Spring View Manor is a family-owned facility that is committed to providing exceptional care to our residents. Our long-term residents enjoy numerous social activities and services, and we are committed to providing short-term respite patients with the same level of high-quality care. While you are staying with us, you will have access to 24/7 care. We can customize your meals to fit any nutritional plan, and you are free to join in on any activities that occur while you are staying with us. We treat our residents like family and would be happy to provide you with the help you need any time your regular caregiver needs a break.


Whether you are the caretaker of an aging loved one, or the patient whose caretaker needs a short break, respite care at Spring View Manor is the ideal solution. As a caretaker, you can be confident your loved one will receive the help he or she needs to live happily while you are away. If you are a patient, you can reap the benefits of the many services and activities we offer until your caretaker returns. Contact us today to schedule your stay at Spring View Manor.



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