Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Post-Acute Rehab Facility in Conway Springs

If you are medically fragile or are recovering from a serious injury or illness, post-acute care is important. After a hospital stay, your doctor may order rehabilitation services.  Spring View Manor is a skilled nursing home qualified to provide a combination of clinical excellence and expert rehabilitation services which are Medicare-approved. With the wide variety of rehabilitative services we offer, our acute care facility can provide you with the care and resources you need to complete your recovery quickly so you can return home.


What Happens When You Choose Spring View Manor


When your doctor recommends a post-acute rehab facility, contact Spring View Manor to secure a spot. You will be individually assessed for treatment.  Spring View Manor will ensure that you will be able to safely transition to your home after a short-term stay in our facility.


Once you arrive, we will develop a customized rehabilitation plan to aid your recovery. We will also speak with you and your physician to create a nourishing diet that meets any therapeutic needs. This information will help us provide you with exceptional care so you can return home as quickly as possible.

We also offer an alternative to in-house rehabilitation. When you require rehabilitation, yet are able to stay at home, our licensed therapists can provide outpatient rehabilitation services. 


What You Can Expect From Us


We hire skilled nurses to provide exceptional care to our residents. Along with physical, speech, and occupational rehabilitation services to help you regain a good quality of life, we also offer a wide variety of health services. We provide complex wound care, tracheostomy care, and pain management as needed to keep you comfortable throughout your recovery.


Our nurses can also help you manage diabetes in several ways. Not only can we tailor your diet to meet your specific needs, but we can also help you create an exercise plan that meets your needs. We will monitor your glucose and administer insulin as needed to help you learn to manage the disease.


Many things affect your quality of life, so we help our patients in many ways to make sure they have a complete recovery. We help with the following aspects of daily life to make sure you are prepared to return home at the end of your stay.


  • Muscle strengthening and mobility

  • Range of motion

  • Skin integrity

  • Ambulation

  • Bowel and bladder training

  • Positioning and alignment

  • Wound management


Why You Should Choose Spring View Manor


Our rehabilitation facility uses multiple services to provide you with a complete recovery. We understand the importance of combining rehabilitation therapies with nourishing diets and medical services to make sure your health improves. All of these services are included in the price of room and board so you never have to worry about not being able to afford certain services that you need. We also keep staff on-site 24/7 to ensure you have access to care immediately when you need it.


At Spring View Manor, our goal is to guide you through the recovery process slowly and steadily so you are confident you have recovered completely at the end of the program. If you live in the Conway Springs area and want to receive rehab services close to home, request that your doctor refer you to Spring View Manor. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can help you make a full recovery.

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