Long-Term Care

Long Term Care in Conway Springs, KS

If your loved one can no longer live at home or you can no longer provide them the care that they need, it's time for long-term care at Spring View Manor. A long term care nursing home offers a variety of support options and services to meet the individual needs of elderly individuals.


Types of Support Long-Term Care Offers


Every person is different. Some aging individuals need around-the-clock care for medical problems, while others simply need a little assistance completing daily household tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Some people are fully capable of living independently but crave social connection. To accommodate this wide variety of needs, Spring View Manor offers a variety of support services to choose from. As one of our residents, you and your loved one can choose from any or all of the support options below.

  • Social support: We offer various activities and social events to help our residents stay active and connected.

  • Medical support: Whether your loved one needs help managing their medication or needs more extensive medical care, we can support them with staff members available around the clock.

  • Psychological support: We offer therapy services for residents who need them.

  • Dietary support: We enlist the help of certified nutritionists to create balanced, home-cooked meals for our residents so they can optimize their health.


Rest easy knowing that the person you love is receiving the care that they need. This includes medication management, compassionate care, socialization, engaging activities, nutritious meals, a clean and sterile environment, and more from skilled staff who treat residents like family.


Advantages of Long-Term Care


When you place your loved ones in long-term care at Spring View Manor, you can rest easy knowing they are receiving exceptional care around the clock so they can thrive. We offer the following advantages to our residents to help them live their best lives.

  • Private rooms available

  • Private bathroom with roll-in shower

  • Wireless internet available 

  • Transportation available

  • Individualized activities 

  • Delicious meals that can be adapted for nutritional services

  • Salon services for men and women

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy available


Questions? Want a Tour? 


If you’re considering placing your aging loved one in a long term facility in Conway Springs, Kansas, consider Spring View Manor. Our staff members are experienced and ready to help your loved one as much or as little as he or she needs. By living in our facility, your loved ones can receive the care they need to thrive while maintaining social connections throughout their golden years. Contact us today for more information.

Questions? Want a tour?

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